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​2,000-Hour Service Special

$1,700.00 + PARTS​

Discounted Rental Rates Are Available During Your Service​​

Includes Steam Cleaning! (LP Powered Forklifts ONLY)

ENGINE Performance Service & Inspection: Load Test Machine; Check Compression #1 thru #4 [-OR- #6];  Inspect Belts and adjust tension; Torque Cylinder Head and Adjust Valves for a variety of makes (as required);  Replace Valve Cover Gasket; Change PVC Valve; Inspect Fuel Pump and Lines; Inspect Engine for Oil leaks;  Change Air Filter; Change Points and Condenser *If equipped; Replace Distributor Cap; Change Spark Plugs & Wires;  Adjust Timing; Adjust Carburetor; Inspect & Adjust Accelerator Linkage; Check Governor RPM.  

COOLING System: Inspect Radiator for external damage & corrosion; Pressure Test and Inspect Radiator &  Pressure Cap, Flush & Change Coolant; Inspect Fan; Inspect all Coolant Hoses, Lines & Belts; change Thermostat & Gasket. 

BRAKE System: Inspect and adjust Parking Brake Lever, Linkage, and Cable; Check & Adjust Brake Pedal free play &  Inching Pedal free play; Inspect service Brake for damage & leaks; Inspect Master Cylinder for leaks and Change Fluid;  Inspect for unsafe Brake Valves or Lines; Remove Drive Wheels & Inspect Brake Linings & both Wheel Cylinders;  Install and pack Wheel Bearings as needed; Install new Grease Seals & Gaskets as needed. 

MAST/ UPRIGHT: Inspect all Lift Chains & Rollers, lubricate as needed; Check Carriage Rollers for damage;  Inspect Carriage & Load Back Rest Mounting; Inspect Mast Operation & Check Mast Rollers for damage;  Inspect Mast Support Bushing and Mast Rail. 

STEERING System: Check King Pins -OR- Ball Joints; Inspect Tie Rod Ends & Linkage; Inspect & Repack Steer Wheel  Bearings and replace Steer Axle Seals; Lubricate entire system & check turning radius; Check Tires for wear and damage  (and check & adjust air pressure to correct level *If applicable) 

ELECTRICAL System: Check Charging System Voltage; Check Starter Amperage draw; Load test Battery and check  specific gravity; Inspect & Clean Battery Cables; Check all Warning Lights & Gauges; Test Neutral Safety Switch  operation; Check all working Lights & Brake Lights; Check Back-up Alarm.  

HYDRAULIC System: Drain and replenish Hydraulic System Fluid *includes replacement of Filter and Breather  *as required; Inspect Cylinders & Valves for leaks; Check Lift & Tilt Cylinders operation & Fitting. 

ADDITIONAL Servicing & Inspection included: Check Transmission for leaks and change Fluid & Filter;  Drain and refill the Differential Fluid; Lubricate Lift Truck; Check Forks for excessive wear and straightness;  Check unit Overhead Guard for visual cracks or damage.

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